Meet The Dropouts Band...

Dropouts Ten year Reunion

Jeanna Kilbane * Lead Vocals * Join me on facebook

Jeanna Kilbane joined the band in 2014 replacing Tamra Tinoco who is now starring in her own Branson show. "So my bio goes something like this. Grew up in Reno, Nevada. Moved to Branson, Mo in 1996. Performed as a dancer for World Famous Platters, featured singer and MC for 50's At the Hop, and #1 Hits of the 60's . Served in the US Army in Germany from 2002-2006. In 2003 became All Army Female Vocalist of the Year. Currently work as an Entertainment Director for Stormy Point Village Resort in Branson. I'm a crazy cat lady who loves Harry Potter, chocolate and Rock-n-Roll!!"

Gene Puckett * Vocals & Lead Guitar * Join me on

"My love for Music started at an early age, playing melodies on the piano at just 4 years old! I quickly realized I could pick out any tune I wanted and eventually went on to take guitar lessons. I started playing professionally at 15 with my first band MIRROR. We played proms, parties clubs and concerts. We even played my own prom when I was a senior. I was then asked to join one of the most popular bands in Joplin, MO called ROAD HOG. The name was changed to ATOMIC BOB and we played clubs for a couple of years. Just as that band came to an end I was asked to join THE DARTS and did very well playing clubs and opened a few concerts in Joplin. I joined NAKED ZOO in 1985, which was my most successful band and we were together until 1992. We played all over the country at showcase clubs and opened for several national acts. We received regional airplay with two songs I had written; "CRY FOR ME" and "EMOTIONS". We have had 5 reunion shows since we stopped playing and still draw a great crowd today.

I started playing for THE OSMONDS in 2001 at the Osmond Family Theatre in Branson, MO. and have continued with them as their lead guitarist, touring throughout the USA and the UK".

Steve Mason * Drums & Percussion * Join me on

"Starting at the early age of eleven, Steve Mason began his musical endeavors in the Springfield area, playing in numerous, "Top End" bands. He has been referred to as "The Foundation" of the band, "A Living Metronome". It is evident with every show, Steve still has the tempo of a Human Clock and his performances are second to none.

Previous Bands include:
China Blue (Rock), Malachi (Metal), Art Bentley, Super String Theory (Progressive Rock w/2 album debut), Billion Dollar Babies (A Alice Cooper Tribute band), Glen Campbell (tv debut), Tony Roi (Elvis Experience)

Currently the Drummer/Percussionist for The Dropouts and the The Osmond Brothers Band, Steve also performed with the entire Osmond Family during the 50th Anniversary World Tour with Donny and Marie. This has lead to countless appearances on, "The Today Show", "Insider", "Entertainment Tonight", as well as the Osmonds 50th Anniversary TV Special which was aired via PBS. Steve now teaches Drums in between playing with The Dropouts and The Osmonds".

Shaun Munday * Bass & Vocals * Join me on

"Shaun Munday is a one-of-a kind talent. He blends soul-drenched vocals with show-stopping bass and guitar technique. He is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA where he studied and performed with some of the greatest artists and educators in the industry including John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, Matthew Garrison (Herbie Hancock), Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheny) and Jetro Da Silva (Whitney Houston).

After spending time in Boston and New York, Shaun returned to his hometown of Springfield, MO. In addition to his solo career, he works with some of the greatest musicians including Mary Wilson of The Supremes, blues legend Robert Cray, reggae royalty Aston Barrett and The Wailers (Bob Marley’s band), country music star Collin Raye, Devon Allman and Yonrico Scott of the Royal Southern Brotherhood.

Shaun comes from a musical family and started with the R&B, jazz and soul music of his parent’s generation. His overall music style is inspired by Donny Hathaway, Al Green and Marvin Gaye".

Scott Taylor * Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars * Join me on

"Owner/Operator of Taylor Productions a based company, began his journey in the music production world at the age of 15 producing his first high energy Rock-n-Roll show with over 300 in attendance. The Passion for "Creating" and "Entertaining", the public has never ceased since then. Working with some of the some Leading names in the Industry:Engineering and Technical: Amy Grant, Rhonda Vincent, Dennis Journagan, Wintley Phipps, OC and the Supertones, Kutless, Pillar, etc.Musical Endeavors: Opening Act; Weird Al, Pat Travers, Head East, Elvin Bishop as well as performing personally with Charlie Daniels.

Scott's Love for music began at a very early age. By the age of 8 he was playing piano and taking lessons from a well known Springfield based instructor, Elizabeth Bull. Performing in Classical recitals eventually grew into a "Passion", and "Desire", to move into the more "HIP" scene in the early 70's. This desire moved Scott to learning multiple instruments (6-String and Bass Guitars and all Brass)

After various breaks in his musical career/college etc, Scott returned to the music scene in the early 80's. Bands Including: Whiplash, The Line, The Darts, Tornado Alley and more.
Scott took another break from the music industry in the late 80's and lived a life of production, editing and video engineering for various local establishments. This led him into some successful productions that were picked up by the International Mission Board as well as becoming technical engineer for southwest Missouri for a Chicago based WORLD WIDE Simulcast "THE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT" which involved U2's BONO.

In 2007, Scott was approached by long time friend and guitarist Gene Puckett, about recording a band he was in. Scott was also asked to run FOH sound for the band at a local STYX concert. A bond was instantly formed and Scott was asked to join the band as well as beginning his endeavors as Keyboardist, Vocalist and Engineer with the Osmond Brothers".